Friday, January 22, 2016

One with Nature

         Saturday has been fast becoming my husband and I's favorite day. We've had the usual weekend morning routine before where we will jog around a subdivision near us then eat heavy breakfast after. hahaha! But then when we started going to the fields one time, we got addicted. There's something about the nature's view that refreshes and renews me. Or maybe I just really love nature. I love the morning breeze touching my face while walking just as the sun has risen up. We also go there because that's where Vanilla, and the rest of our goats stay and eat during the day. I bring them food to eat too like over riped bananas and other fruit and vegetable peels.

Comfort OOTD: Top: Esprit; Shorts: PiazzaItalia; Slingbag: The Sak; Flip-flops: Crocs
         Shorts is my comfort outfit. And because we have a warm weather and it just gotten a bit colder (just a bit) now, I can still wear it even early in the morning. I hang-in a small bag with me so I could carry my camera. My husband was asking why I always want him to take photos of me here hahaha!
Say Hello to Vanilla!

                Happy weekend my dear friends!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bieberish Playlist

          Hello my dear friends! It's mid-week once again, two sleeps away before the most favorited day of the week - Friday! Anyway, I'm planning my playlist to be at least every other Wednesday but I really can't stop listening to this Bieber song. I'm not much of a Justin Bieber fan but the latest album he released has some cool songs in it. I started getting to like this song after the viral video of Kristel Fulgar. Here it is and hear how lovely her voice is!

     But then again, nothing can ever beat the original. I also like the video.

      Again, I'm no Bieber fan, but let me share with you that during the aftermath of the worst typhoon that has ever hit my country, Justin Bieber came to visit to give the victims a free mini concert. I'll always remember that side of him.

      Enjoy listening!

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

U.A.E. Stamps

          My father's been an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) during the 80s and early 90s as a sewer at Dubai and Sharjah, U.A.E. During that time, only overseas calls and snail mails are the usual communication means but because overseas calls are pricey then, we just usually resort to snail mails. And that's why my mom who collect stamps then was able to preserve these stamps I have now. I'm thankful that the big flood caused by typhoon Ondoy last 2009 has not washed it away. 

28. 27th Chess Olympiad
       Dubai 1986
       250 Fils

29. Fifth Anniversary of Gulf Investment Corporation
      50 Fils


30.  Anniversary of the Flight Information Region
       250 Fils

31. Palestinian Popular Uprising
      250 Fils

32. Football WorldCup Italia 
      250 Fils 

         These are mere memories of his time there, but in the future I'd like to go and see Dubai for myself too cause from what I've seen in his photos and what I've watched from F&F7, the place has changed and improved so much. The first that I'd like to visit is the Dubai Miracle Garden.

Have a beautiful day everyone!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hump Day Playlist

      Happy Hump Day Lovelies! Just two more days and we're all off to enjoy a beautiful weekend. I'm having this regular headache caused by allergies but I'm good and has been used to it. Nevertheless, this won't stop me from making a post and sharing to you guys my 90s rock playlist. I have actually thought of a playlist post every mid week this year, and I'm starting now before I go back to the paperback that's been keeping me at bed time.

     I'm cute and little but I've been a rocker at heart since my younger days. These songs were my favorites during my college years in the 90s and I still like them 'til now.

No Rain
by Blind Melon

Basket Case
by Green Day

Selling the Drama
by Live

     Among these three I love Selling the Drama the most! In fact I always sing it on our Magic Sing. I don't know but I just feel like I'm letting it all out when I'm hearing this song.

Hope you enjoy my rock Wednesday!

Friday, January 8, 2016

My Calamansi Tree

       Calamansi is a tree abundant here in the Philippines. It's called Calamondin in other countries. It's a small sour fruit from the citrus family that's being used as condiment (with soy sauce) and about four to five pieces of which squeezed in a glass of water with a small amount of sugar or honey
becomes a very tasty juice rich in Vitamin C. It is our version of lemon here. Some people I knew used this as bleach whether for their clothes or their skin.

A photo of my old tree.
        I planted a Calamansi tree about three years ago and here it is now. It was raining on New Year's Eve here so maybe the tree liked it a lot because after a few days when I take a look at it, I saw it covered with several white flowers. I didn't realize until I came near that it's flowers are very fragrant.

         I got too excited seeing lots of beautiful fragrant flowers, I took a lot of photos because I feel accomplished having just planted this from seed. I hope to have more of these at our mini farm soon. I'm excited!

       Happy Weekend my loves!

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Hakuna Matata

         The first day of 2016 has arrived. And this year, I would like to put greater time doing the things I love doing, my passions. There are several of it, but I would like to practice discipline now and time management no matter what. I'm afraid I worried too much for other things I really have no control of and probably would not even get credited for, so right now, I will still be the old me, concerned and responsible, but maybe I will just let things be, besides, I'm freed the last quarter of the year, so Thank you Lord God! You are giving me enough time to do the things I love. Sorry cannot elaborate much! hahaha!

          When I say time management, I'm thinking of my online business, my blog and my garden. These passions of mine have made me survived stress and have somehow saved me financially too, so they deserve my time, don't they? 

My blog

I assume I have a responsibility to my followers and friends to have regular posts with a minimum of one or two in a week. So now, I think the draft section on my blog would and should always be filled. I admit I will just make post during my free time and would not do so in weeks if I'm in no mood. 2016 will change that (God I hope!). And a more quality post and photos will surely come your way too. I've known that by now. I have to give the best I can if I want to stay and not just fill the blanks with so-so posts. I've been wanting to put up a blog a long time ago but I do not know how to start up, 2015 has given me that. It has made me start up and I just love it. I see my heart in it. So, a more serious (but still funny) Bulakenya blogger will come your way this 2016.

Lilac Angel

Oh well, you might be thinking what that is, that's the name of my online store. I chose it because I want to, hahaha, but seriously I chose it because it is close to my real name, and I want the name of my store sounding like my real one, so that's how shallow the story was hahaha! I have put it aside too last year, resulting to my sales lowering and the facebook followers of my store thinning up. Of course who would want to follow a dormant store. I still have plenty of stocks now and I promise the sun I'm going to clear it all out as soon as I can and purchase for more. I'm even planning to put up my own designs because I'm a craft lover. But that is not a promise yet, I will still look for designs and materials to start up with. I realize now should always be the time to start and make it big. Nothing comes off just as easy. Hard work will give it all to you. So, hopefully, lazy me, go away please!

Not-So-Secret Garden

My love for nature and gardening is not a secret. I really am considerably an old school liking and appreciating these things. But, well, I will continue doing so. I've grown in a huge yard with lots of trees and plants and animals and fresh air, so now you could understand why I would grow old still loving these things. My time for gardening will still be, as it was before, every morning when I wake up, weekends or weekdays. It just relieves me from stress. Seeing things grow and flourish in front of my very eyes. I would just like to beautify my plants more by making more compost because the soil is where the plants get their nutrients. 
I saw the mangoes already fruiting! Just a few more days and they will turn yellow and ready for some delicious smoothies.
Our New Nipa Home 
 No, there's no photo yet because it will still be purchased. My husband and I are planning to build our dream home one day at that field I featured in one of my post, so I could own a bigger garden and he could raise more animals, but that's a lot of money, so for now a native bahay kubo (nipa hut) will do. Our funds will go first to the fences to cover up the areas which is quite big. And this is what's giving me enough reasons to get serious with things, a little earning will add so much to our funds. I'm excited to wake up one day listening to the singing birds and looking at the lovely blooms, only an imagination for now, one to two years and it will be reality. God bless us! Don't worry guys, it was not too far from civilization, it is just a few walks away from where I am now but it's not beside the highway, like where we live now, and we'll have a wifi for sure.

Hakuna Matata

A lot of plans eh? Like I said, inevitable things happen, no matter how much you've planned it. I've never forgotten the Disney movie I watched countless times The Lion King, and the song in there has been kept within me, Hakuna Matata. Just enjoy and do the things that makes us happy. Let's put it all out! Love, live, learn! No worries!

Happy 2016 my loves!!!