Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer of 2016 at Phi Phi Beach Hotel

     We went on a beach trip at Morong, Bataan last March. There are several beach resorts and hotels to choose from but I was lucky enough to have chosen a good place to stay at PhiPhi Beach Resort and Hotel. I have a short memory and I can't remember what they call the room we slept in, but it was just near the beach front though it was not our view, but it was only a few steps away to see it. It was good for four and we just added Php500.00 for every additional person. We were like seven then.



         There's one big swimming pool and the other is a kiddie pool or you can choose to walk in the sand for a much larger swim at the beach.

        There's a place in the hotel where you can eat and bring food, and I highly suggest you bring your own because it takes forever for a plate of food to be served though there's a corkage fee of 100 per head, it's still "sulit." Our view here is the beautiful beachfront.

     This beautiful sunset has taken away all my stress.  I wish to be back at any beach right now. I swear.

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Lovely Sunflowers in my Garden

    I went to the City of Pines last February and I brought home a few sunflower seeds which I immediately sow. It was the tall varieties that bear flowers as large as our faces. 

   To make sure it will thrive, though I'm pretty sure it likes the sun, I made a separate bed for it covered with hollow blocks and filled it with compost. I planted it away from my other plants which at the time was covered with hateful aphids. And thank goodness it grew beautifully.

     Lovely yellow big heads filled my mornings for a few weeks, and now I've got more seeds to sow. 

      Happy gardening!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Be Stylish at

            I’m a busy bee. Everyone is, I suppose. But us women, no matter how busy, will find time to shop. Lol. I, myself has this passion for shopping dresses and clothes but because there are other “must” priorities other than going to the mall, sometimes we lost time “unstressing” it out. Good thing, one view to our laptop or celphones, and there! A whole lot of online shops offering pretty awesome items. One great news I wanna share with you guys is this website I recently discovered. Am I not lucky to find! Check it out friends. They have so many styles that would really be a great OOTD. Btw, StyleWe is one-stop shop, they have everything from dresses to handbags.  

Here are a few picks I've made from their selection of beautiful summer dresses.

       No one ever goes wrong with black. This casual cotton maxi-dress looks very comfortable at the same time fashionable.
Black Cotton-blend Sleeveless Embroidered Maxi Dress

          I could imagine myself inside this classy 3/4 mini dress. I just love it's blue floral embroidery and that vintage feel. 
3/4 Sleeve Voile Vintage Embroidered A-line Mini Dress

Just elegant. A style that would probably stay for a long time.

Golden Crocheted Polyester Sleeveless Mini Dress

I've also browsed their lovely tops. Check out some of my choices.

         Have your eyes feasted like mine? Sign-up now and shop for your OOTD.

          God bless!