Monday, February 22, 2016

Tortang Tahong (Mussels Omelet)

The nephew of my husband has been requesting me to cook him this dish because this is his favorite, so one Sunday, I did. It was a Mussels Omelet, so when I saw mussels available at the market I immediately bought half-a-kilo. Only half a kilo because we already have other dishes prepared for our lunch. And since I would it is not in season so it's still pricey.

What I need:
Fresh mussels

 Carrot, potato, red belle pepper, onions

 After boiling the mussels for a few minutes or until the shells have opened. Remove mussel meat from the shell then cut it into small bits. The same with the carrot, potato, belle pepper and two small onions. Please don't throw away the shells yet.

 Then mix it with an egg. Add salt and pepper to taste.
 After mixing it all, put back the prepared omelet at the mussel shells.
 Then fry with medium heat.

 And, tadah! It's now ready to be eaten. It's best paired with rice and ketchup or a sweet and sour sauce.

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Strawberry Fields

Finally, I'm on our second and last day at the City of Pines. This was the day I anticipated because I've been looking forward to seeing the Strawberry Farm at La Trinidad, Benguet. It was already outside of Baguio City but only a few minutes away.

The beautiful view of the fields filled with strawberries, lettuces, cabbages and sunflowers greeted us on the entrance, not to mention the lovely mountains surrounding it. The weather was perfect, it was sunny but the wind was chilly.  A perfect day to be there!

 This sunflower seemed to be smiling at me. My friend and I visited the part where the sunflowers are planted to get some seeds to bring home. I hope the seeds we bought will all germinate and grow well just like the gorgeous ones here.

 This was a gift from the child who takes care of these plants because I bought a pack of seeds.

 The farmer picking fresh strawberries for us at Php200.00 per kilo.


Failed shot for my winged shirt. hahaha! I forgot that my hair's long. My photographer didn't seem to notice as well.

Okay, so now you can see the wings, it's just that my view has been full of net.

We stayed there up until there's enough strawberries picked for all of us. Of the many things we did and we went too, this was the most enjoyable for me. 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

DressLink Wishlist

Like every woman in this world, I love shopping! Be it on a mall or an online store. A few years ago, online shopping has been a big hit and I immediately became one of its fan. I have a wide list of shops and sellers whose items I regularly visit. I'm not very particular with the brand, as long as like it, I buy it. One of the stores I frequently visit to browse is Dresslink. I've been a regular since I learned how inexpensive and cute their stuffs are. They offer everything including dresses, denims, bags, footwear and accessories at such an affordable price.

I have a wishlist I would love to share with you!

This very stylish but comfy jumpsuit in plain top and printed bottom with a little pick-a-boo back would be fitted to wear at more occasions than one, be it malling, dining or attending some casual to semi-formal occasions. Jumpsuits are back with vengeance and they are invading every woman's closet.

Click HERE to check this Jumpsuit.
Price: US $6.04

Another in my list is this fashionista bag. I just love its fringe tassels, it is an accessory in itself. You would look chic even just in plain shirt and tattered jeans, this bag will carry the rest of the outfit. It comes in three colors - brown, beige and black. My choice is the brown one.

Click HERE to check this Bag.
Price: US$3.68

How lucky can you be if you can still find items for as low as at US$.01. 
This plaid checked shirt in red and black is a give-away. Hurry before stocks run out.
Click HERE to see more of US$.01 items.

My pick for items being offered for free shipping is an elegant silver plated jewelry set.
Click HERE to view more.

This dress is perfect to wear during summer which apparently was just less than a month away.
Click HERE to view dress.
A relaxed and comfy OOTD with my favorite yellow shade as the highlight.
Trousers $6.04 
Peplum Top $4.40 
Bag $5.59
Sandals $1.90

Dresslink is open for wholesale and retail. They have four shipping methods to choose from and more so if you are a re-seller or would like to give the item you purchased as a gift, they can do drop ship. Hurry! Be pretty and fab by spending less!

B for Baguio - P2

    The weekend are the prettiest days of the week! Don't you all agree my lovies? Now, because I took too much photos from our recent Baguio trip, I have to sliced up my posts so I can share more than enough. This is the continuation of the post about my recent getaway with my colleagues in one of the coldest part of my tropical hot country. 

     While walking on the way to the Mansion, there were vendors in the streets selling Taho (Filipino street food made from silken tofu with sweet caramel and sago pearl), I've been wanting to try Baguio's very own "strawberry taho" and I did. It so yummy with bits of strawberry preserve. 


 Group shot! A must-have photo when you're in Baguio
 Can't help but pose in front of these beautiful yellow flowers which apparently matches my top and sandals.
A mandatory selfie before we left the place. hahaha!

Our next place to visit was the Mine's View Park, but since it was a long weekend then, the place was too crowded, so instead I just had a photo with this big thing.

This was my remembrance with this cute, sweet, kind and very tired St. Bernard. I paid Php50.00 for these shots. I want to bring him home so he can rest.
 There were lots of plants being sold around, it was packed with plant sellers and food vendors everywhere.
This was the view at the park but I was not able to have a solo shot because there's not enough space.

When you go to Baguio, it's a tradition to bring home a pasalubong always. So there, we went to Good Shepherd. It's a place where the super delicious Ube Jams are made. 
I enjoyed these wall of plants that are very well taken care of.
I'm looking tired and hungry eh!

You're right about it, the next thing we'll do was eat dinner. Our driver knew a place where most tourist eat while they're here. So we went there. It was at Good Taste restaurant. Like what I have expected, it was packed with people. But the food was great and inexpensive. My happy tummy's now ready to go back to bed and sleep for a more exciting adventure the following day.

Happy weekend everyone! 

Btw, there's a part 3! hahaha!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

COCOMELODY: Your One Stop Bridal Shop

Ladies are much luckier these days. It's been a trend for men to prepare for a grand proposal to the women they wish to marry. I've seen a lot of photos and videos of some proposals, and a remarkable one was even showing four Vintas bearing each word Will You Marry Me? while they are looking at the sea. Isn't that too sweet, but hey, yeah, getting engaged lift your feet up to cloud nine but what's next? The succeeding period will be very stressful because it will be the wedding preparations. Setting the date would be first, the church (if you're a Christian), the reception, invites and of course the bride's wedding dress as well as the rest of the entourage's suit and dresses not to mention the accessories needed for the wedding.

Let me tell you this, COCOMELODY would be a big help to you. It is an online shop based in Los Angeles, California U.S.A. which offers a collection of elegant, up-to-date and affordable wedding dresses. They've partnered with designers who make it a point to produce quality in every dress they make.

CocoMelody offers:

Wedding Dresses
Bridesmaid Dresses
Dresses for Mother of the Bride
Flower Girl Dresses
Wedding Accessories

I just noticed that low back wedding dresses have been finding its way back to the market. Bigger number of brides has been choosing this bold but chic designs that will make them shine on their brightest day. I have a few picks in their up-to-date selections.

 Chic A-Line Illusion Train Tulle Ivory Open Back Wedding Dress

Fancy Off the shoulder Dropped Train Tulle Ivory 3/4 Length Sleeve Wedding Dress with Appliques LWZF15028

Chic Ball Gown Illusion Train Tulle Ivory Sleeveless Wedding Dress with Ruffles LWXT14073

This backless gown has made me wish I'm a soon-to-be-bride.

Trumpet-Mermaid Straps Dropped Chapel Train Tulle Ivory Sleeveless Open Back Wedding Dress Flower LD3847

 Just love the flowers details at the back of this one.

The tulle effect of this one would make a bride feel like a queen while walking down the aisle.

Pretty Princess Halter Basque Train Tulle Sleeveless Lace Up-Corset Wedding Dress with Beading h2db0085

They also have a beautiful selection of non bridal wears such as Prom, Evening, Party, Cocktail, Sweet 16 & Debut Dresses that would really suit people of different tastes. No worries about the fit of the dresses since it will be carefully crafted for your exact frame. An online chat is also available in case you have questions for anything.

Here are a my few picks of their very lovely prom dresses.

Please do not be afraid to click the links provided above. These gowns are overly gorgeous but you'd be surprised to know how affordable they are. In fact, CocoMelody is currently offering a $25 off for every $200+ purchase of wedding dresses.

There's no need for you brides-to-be out there to go from one shop to another just to find your dream bridal dress, all you have to do is browse at CocoMelody and choose from a variety of quality designs made just for you. Wouldn't it be lovely to just have everything you need on your dream day be just delivered to your doorstep?