Monday, October 16, 2017

Fave TV Series

               Since my teens, I have been hooked up to some TV series. I'm like an obsessed fan always waiting for the next episode. Am I the only one? Maybe I am such a weirdo? Ehmm probably but you know being obsessive with movies, hobbies, books and TV shows, including my gardening I guess is very therapeutic because I can't remember being depressed except only of course when I am facing real problems that requires life and death decisions. Trust me, getting your mind into something helps a lot.

So lezz go to my list. Let's start with my teenage years. Ooops, don't count my age!

Beverly Hills 90210

             I've been in love with the idea of rich beautiful popular "barkada" high school kids. I have only missed a few episodes of this show. I buy notebooks, posters, cassette tapes and magazines which have them on cover. I am like dreaming I am like them in real life. Lol. My favorite character is Kelly Taylor, although I love all of the original cast. I can vividly remember it being shown every Friday night on our local channel and me being so excited, I would eat early so in time for its intro, I could concentrate watching.

Dawson's Creek

           I followed Pacey and Joey's real and reel love story. I was a fan again. Thanks for this show. I also love the idea of the countryside life from the fictional place called Capeside, Massachusetts. It was a real beautiful story (for me) and I still listen to its "I Don't Wanna Wait" theme song until now.


             The story of three sisters who discovered they are witches and eventually learned how to use it, with their names starting with letter P. Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell. Prue's power is telekinesis, Piper can stop time and Phoebe can see the future. I love Prue's power the most and the same with her character. I was even sad when she was evicted from the show where another sister Paige came into the picture. Paige turned out to be the more powerful half sister being the daughter of a witch and a white lighter. I've been hearing about a re-run of this series, I wish it's true.

The Walking Dead

        I am a certified zombie fan from Plants vs Zombies to World War Z to TWD. Although I have already lost my favorite Asian character Glenn, I'm still excited to see its Season 8 premiere. While many has already switched to the Dragon Queen (GOT) to watch, I'm still looking forward to seeing Rick, Daryl, Maggie, Carol, Michonne and Carl survive the cruel Negan in the zombie apocalypse.


          This is the exact scene where I became sooo "kilig!" From the great actors and the OST. A lonely "kawawa" 19-year-old girl destined to be the bride of a powerful handsome 900 years old Deity. Adding to the twist is also the Grim Reaper with the love-hate relationship with the Goblin. This has made me officially a fan of K-dramas! This series is a must watch, I swear I have been so hooked.

              Let's stop here for now. I've had a happy and relaxed Monday, I hope you all have too. Monday is always a blessing. A new start, a new beginning. Hope I can download and re-watch my old favorites, especially Charmed. God bless us all!

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Colorful Coleus

             Sunday is almost ending. And I'm stock at home. No mall or grocery for us today. Don't get me wrong, I am born a home buddy, maybe because I'm a hobbyist, I will never run out of things to do, to fill up my day. Be it the artsy things, gardening and reading (I've got three unread novels on the shelf) but of course before doing these things there's the laundry basket to kill my hours.

             So, what is so colorful then? Well, say hello to my Coleus! 

              A typhoon passed by our region and it brought a whole day of rain. The following day I noticed them so lively and lovely. They've grown about an inch or two too. It definitely brings color to my garden. I've got like five varieties as of now. I hope to add more of this vibrant beauties to my not-so-little garden.

                Coleus does not only brighten your landscape but it is also a mosquito repellent plant. It was noted that certain insects including mosquitoes do not like its smell though it was not noticeable to humans. I know for sure that "Mayana" (Coleus in Tagalog) has some medicinal values as well. My mom used to put heated minced leaf on my wound when I was young to make it heal fast, making herself a certified "albularyo". Lol. As far as I could remember it works every time, though I am unsure now if all varieties have the same medicinal benefits. They have seem to pop up in the plant stores now a days. I used to know very well the red variety only, good thing a gardener friend and a neighbor has given me cuttings of other types too. 
                 I have planned this to be an OOTD post but then it became a plant post again. But no worries, I assume I will learn how to pose like the millennials do in every new (or old) outfit soon. I'm still learning for now. And besides my husband is still practicing to give me the best shot. haha!

Isaiah 61:11

For as the earth brings forth its sprouts, And as a garden causes the things sown in it to spring up, So the Lord GOD will cause righteousness and praise To spring up before all the nations.
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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Secret to a Fruitful Papaya Tree

                Papaya is an easy to grow tree here in the Philippines. It needs minimal care. Mostly, you will just see it at the side of the streets growing on their own, but has one or two fruits only. Currently, I have four Papaya trees inside my yard. We call the fruit bearing "female" and the one that just flowers through out its lifetime a "male". So, I've got two females and two males planted close together. I did not actually plant these trees, one pair just grew from the plant my mom gave me and I transplanted it to a larger space where it can grow bigger, and the other was planted by our native birds I assume, lol. It just grew there, so I suppose it came from the birds which live inside our yard.

Red Lady Papaya, I suppose!

           I am surprise myself that every flower bud the female tree produces developed into a fruit, look how plenty each female tree bears.

The little hole eaten by the birds.

          I occasionally took photos of my harvest and here it is. We picked the fruit whenever it becomes orangy because it attracts birds and it will eventually gets rotted before it fully ripens.

           One time my mom has mentioned that probably the secret to this abundant fruits of our tree is that, it is always coupled with a male one. And I thought so myself and the pollinators could be a help too. Please do note that these trees are not well tended nor even fertilized. They are just there, rain or shine on its own and yet, its fruitful. 

                                These photos will show you how close it was planted together.

                                          Truly God has gifted us with amazing wonders. 

                                                     Happy Midweeeeek dearies!

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Gallery + Resto in BF

   My Aunt and Uncle celebrated their 40th years of marriage this year and their kids arranged a surprise celebration for them. It was held at 190 Artists Gallery in BF Paranaque. We came from Bulacan and we were not just happy because of the celebration ( a few tears when they came in really surprised) but also we were amazed at how lovely the restaurant is, not to mention the good food as well.

         I was fascinated by the colors and the number of different paintings on the walls surrounding the restaurant. It's like every corner is instagramable. I have not toured every part of it because we were busy capturing our moments as family and our older crowd would like to be posted on fb too, duh! So they have more photos than we do.

                                                                Top and bottom selfie

My cousins

Not really a door, but not bad for a "doorfie" though.

My fam, the DVs

More anniversaries and the best of health Tio ATo and Tita Myrns!

                   I'm an artsy person too, so I truly enjoyed the ambiance of this resto, and I am also filling my house with my cross stitches. This just gave me an idea that more is merrier.

                  Weekend are the best days of the week! Aren't day? Have fun my friends!
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Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Place of Historic Beautiful Houses

                This is where my father-in-law's been suggesting we go. Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. A place of historical century-old houses brought from its original place to this park of beautifully restored ancient homes. Filipino elders would love visiting here, but of course the younger generations must also go because in an hour of heritage tour they are offering, one will see how our ancestors lived during the old days.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Thrift Find: Gray Dress

            It's a gloomy Tuesday morning here in my side of the planet. I wanted to go out to take a look at my garden and wash a few laundry before the laundry basket gets as tall as a bamboo tree. But because it's raining, I end up back to my bed and to my new laptop. My husband bought this for me because my old one won't work anymore and he knows I love to blog. So here, I am trying my hardest to be active again, because as I have read from some other popular bloggers' posts, consistency is the key. I was not very consistent the last two years, and I feel that I have wasted enough time.

            Anyway, I'd like to share with you a thrift find. My husband and I once goes on a weekend to our Public Market here in my town, and we were able to buy some cheap but good clothes (doesn't look cheap at all). My favorite among them is this comfy gray dress.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Lovely Caladiums in my Little Garden

        Last summer my mother has given me Caladiums in pots but I transplanted all of it in some places in my garden because it is such a lovely accent. But then I realize summer is not their season cause they all just died in a week. However, during the entry of our rainy season, the leaves starts popping up from where I have replanted it. I realize they love water and hate too much heat, and they did not die, it just became dormant, I guess.