Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

        Holidays especially the Christmas season are very much celebrated here in my country, and that includes the worst traffic, parties here, there and everywhere, lots of sweets at the dining table which will make your blood's sugar level rise up and of course the oily meat dishes such as the yummiest crispiest lechon and crispy pata  to boost our cholesterol for the rest of the jolly season. 

        The food just add up to the fun, but what's really nice about Christmas is that, everyone will have time to meet and kiss and wish one another a Merry Christmas. Family reunions are everywhere. It's been our yearly tradition since childhood to have time and see each other every December 25. And it's always as happy! Although some has long been gone and I'm missing them a lot.

       My cousins and I have this annual photo every Christmas day. It's our tradition and hopefully until we grow old we'll continue doing this. Us, ladies only.

    This is my mother's house, we always take a photo like this every year as well. I am always late because I am with my husband and we go to my husband's grandma's (who just passed away, sad) before going to my family's so I was not able to take a photo of our table but what we've had was just our usual festive dishes like Valenciana, Menudo, Pancit, Fried Chicken and Lumpiang Shanghai with Leche Flan, Ube and Maja Blanca as desserts.

       These happy days have given me enough blogging time, rest and happiness to be with loved ones.

Hope we all have a lovely Holidays my loves!


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Simple Christmas Party

       We have no official Christmas party at work so instead the branch where I'm assigned and the other branch nearest to us have just joined together and not let the Christmas spirit just went away with just full loads of work. In short, we have arranged a simple Christmas celebration together after office hours. 

These women are my bubbly colleagues. The man at far right is our company joker.

Just enjoying the festive spirit of Christmas with a groupie!

      Three games were prepared for us to enjoy our little party, a charade where I joined but my team loses but its okay I have so much fun making loud noises cheering, the other is a "Bahay Kubo" game, an old kiddie folk song featuring several of our local vegetables, the attendees of the games must arrange the vegetable according to their arrangement in the song, t'was so much fun knowing none has remembered well and no team wins! hahaha! The last game was Pass-the-Message and it was too funny also. The next thing we did was ate our potluck food and had our gift exchanges. I've gotten the latest Grey series book and I'm excited to read it in the coming days. No time reading it yet because I'm using my time for my store and blog while we are on a long holiday vacation.

         Hoping for a merrier and grander party next year not in terms of food or venue but more number of attendees and bonding and happiness so we could at least forget about work even for just an hour or two. I strongly believe in camaraderie, it really works because people get inspired with a happier, lighter, bonded and healthier community resulting to good work output. Bow! 

Merry Christmas everyone! Happy Holidays and enjoy your full vacation modes to all of my collegues! God be with us for a more fruitful and stronger 2016!

Loveliest Wedding Dresses at LandyBridal


    Being a bride is a once in a lifetime experience. Women want their wedding to be perfect, every detail of it, most especially their bridal and entourage's dresses. LandyBridal could be a big help for you lovely brides-to-be out there. Their online shop is offering a wide selection from elegant wedding dresses to men's formal wear and wedding accessories. A one-stop-shop which can assist you with everything you might need on your big day. Nothing to worry about with the fits and quality of their gowns because their designers have 15 years experience in the bridal industry and can even customize a wedding dress of your own choice, they can also change details for their certain in-house designs when clients would prefer it than the original designs.

Delicate Sheath-Column Scoop Sweep-Brush Train Satin White Sleeveless Zipper With Buttons Wedding Dress with Sashes and Appliques 


Dreamy Sheath-Column One shoulder Chiffon White Wedding Dress with Draped and Crystal 

       Vintage dresses have been finding its place in the market again and why not if they look this elegant. 

This gown is just a wow. A lady with a nice height and a lovely figure would surely be the most beautiful bride on her memorable day with this Fashion Illusion Natural Train Chiffon Ivory Long Sleeve Wedding Dress with Appliques.

This gown is perfect. Figure and height friendly. The appliques of the dress brings out it elegance.

        The 2015 to 2016 betroths have nothing to worry about because LandyBridal now has it's 2016 wedding dress designs showcased on their website. A collection of lovely and classy styles hand sewn that is very 2016. 

Here are my picks!

LandyBridal is currently offering a 10% off for wedding dresses,a free shipping for purchases of 3 and above bridesmaid dresses and also free shipping for mother-of-the-bride dresses.

Meanwhile, because I grew up in a family and community making lovely dresses as well, I can't help but appreciate and share these beautiful Prom dresses.

I love floral and my fave is blue and these beautiful designs are just too perfect for my eyes.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Dinner with Colleagues at Hiromitsu Restaurant, Pandi Bulacan

We've been planning out this dinner for some time and I'm happy we've finally decided to go, because we thought we have to wait for some "Christmas money" we call "bonus" hahaha! to spend to before going, so when it came, we immediately set up a date and went along.  

     Since we're from Sta. Maria, Bulacan, it was just a short trip going to Bunsuran, Pandi, Bulacan were this restaurant is located. It was just beside Puregold Jr. and Megamart. 

     I am not a Japanese food fan but you know how it is, people would always want to try and find out whenever there's something new, so I'm glad we came. And luckily, no one else was there but us at that time so we were able to take a few photos around. It's not so big though.

     Just a fun shot before our orders arrived.

 The first order that came in was my favorite Kani Salad. 
They call this Tonkotsu Ramen, it was so tasty.

I forgot what this rice was called, but it's really good, I liked this better than the other one.
Hiromitsu Mixed Rice. It's a little spicy I liked the first one better.
Their Chicken Teriyaki was also good. We've ordered another chicken menu, something like crispy chicken wings that's taste so good as well. We'll be back to try out the other menus. 

Right after we've settled the bill we've done some photo shooting. Hoping for more night outs like this one in the future with my new colleagues!!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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