Friday, May 29, 2015

Stamp Collecting

I have been collecting stamps since I was younger, but I stopped for a while. Now I am so back to it. It was my mother actually who has a big collection since it was during her time that snailmails were the only choice of communication for businesses, far-away family and friends.
I've just been up to it again because part of my job is sending registered mails to people so when it gets back, it has a lot of stamps in it. I pulled it all off.
I've gotten a lot and I am arranging it cause I'm planning to have it compiled together with the old stamps I have. I don't mind whether these are just common stamps but I like it. And I will still collect it. I've tried purchasing the Manny Pacquiao and the then Pope Francis collectible ones at our local post office and its sad to know they say stamp purchases are only available at the Makati Central Post Office. Anyway, I can buy that on Ebay. So for now, these are the new ones I have.
I bought two refillable clearbook for my compilation. I will use the yellow one for the local stamps I have (Pilipinas) and the fuschia for the international stamps. May I tell you, my father used to work abroad during my pre-teen days until before I graduated high school, so we really have a lot of stamps from U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia. 

 These are the cute papers I bought, apparently its scented and a little glittery. I love it. Btw, the photobomber flowers are picked from my garden. 


Friday, May 22, 2015

All Must Go!

Aside from being an employee, I am a small time entrepreneur selling imported goods online. I have a partner in the US who buys sale goods there and ships it to me here if a medium-sized balikbayan box is already filled. I did this for me, so I could have the esteem to call myself an entrepreneur and also to earn a little. I'm honestly not much into selling but to my surprise so far I have been enjoying every bit of this online thingy. I never thought selling could ever become my passion. Who wouldn't be happy to see boxes of branded imported goods all the time and its all mine... well... of course for a time until I've sold it.

I already have annoying, pissing experiences also, usually from buyers who would return and would bring up their thousand reasons for doing so and also to those they call "joy reservers." I would think this tag came up because of the people who finds happiness reserving but will not really buy. But its all part of online selling.

My goods are usually branded watches, handbags & backpacks. I also have some flip-flops. I sell it on facebook, instagram, OLX and Ebay. I get my most sale on Ebay while I get the most number of bogus buyers and joy reservers on facebook.

I currently have three (3) medium boxes of items for sale but when I unloaded and then reload, they already fit just two (2) boxes. Good thing I'm having good sales this last couple of weeks. Thank
But as the title of my post says. All must go! I would wish I can have this mountain of goodies sold in  record time.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Morning Routine

I surely am a day person. One thing that makes me like it is because I love gardening. Since I was a child, I will plant every seed I see in the kitchen, I even remember I always plant an onion then and be so happy when I would see the leaves sprouting. I carry this until now. But apparently I have been so busy with my day job and so with my little online business so my love for gardening took its toll.

It just happened one day while I was at the terrace posting my items on Ebay that I have seen how my garden looked like. It was a chaos and it was then that I promise to find time every morning for gardening before I go to work. It is now my daily morning routine. Well, it is some form of a half an hour exercise too for me. I pull off some grasses and weeds. I arrange some few pots at the same time re-arranging the plants little by little everyday. I fertilize, but I use organic. My fertilizers are the compost I make from kitchen scraps and leaf litters from our yard. We also raise native chickens and its dried manure is another addition to my compost.

I took a few photos for now so I'll have a remembrance of how chaotic it has been and I promise you I will post again after a few months of the changes I have made. I would like to buy a few more seeds of flowery plants cause I would love to see my garden with more colors.
This is hitting two birds with one stone for me cause I get to squeeze in what I love doing and I get a little exercise too everyday.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

San Isidro Labrador Feast Day

Our little barangay (the place where I grew up and will always cherish) in Bulacan celebrates its feast day every May 15th of the year, our patron saint being San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers. Every start of May until a week after the 15th, everyone - young, middle-aged and old is busy enjoying the different activities we have during the feast season. Its very nice to know the hype we've had for ths celebration during the 80's remains the same until now. I would go on leave from my work during this day just to go to my mother's and enjoy one full day of fiesta. We have parades in the morning, all those who wanted to join can come with their uniform blue shirts with  San Isidro prints and then there were these dancing elder ladies who were in their colorful Filipiniana costumes representing the different puroks in our barrio. Then there was the morning mass and band parade. There was a procession in the afternoon and another band parade. Another event that was new this year was the houses getting decorated matching our farmer theme. It was a simple but enjoyable celebration. I will never get tired going back to the place I grew up with. I am proud of the culture and values it has instilled in me.
Our Chapel

My mother and a neighbor ask me to take a photo of them on one of the decorated houses.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Summer loving at iCove Beach Resort and Hotel

Summer is the perfect time of the year to explore, make a stroll and see the beach! I won't ever let go of the chance each year to enjoy the sun and the warm summer breeze near the beach. For two consecutive years now, my husband and I's choice has been Subic cause we found out how affordable the hotels are here and it's only a few hours drive from our place in Bulacan. Last year, we made a trip here without bothering to book first cause we were thinking there are so many hotels around Subic Bay Freeport Zone and outside in Bo. Barretto and Baloy. Yes, we have made the greatest mistake. Since it was Holy Week then, all hotels are fully booked and I got so tired walking in and out of each and every hotel near the beach. We ended up at a hotel at the heart of Olongapo City. But now, I would not want to end up tired just inquiring at every hotel there is, so I booked first before going.

Yes, this beautiful place has been our destination for an overnight stay. The iCove Beach Hotel. I can't seem to forget this when I first came in a year ago because it's fresh and new and of course very affordable. But unfortunately then, it was fully booked. We chose the De Luxe Room which cost Php2,299.00. The package came with free breakfast for two. The room was neat and clean with nice and simple interior. Plus the hotel staffs are courteous.

Sorry for this screen shot. I didn't know I have deleted this photo on my phone. But i really wanna share this matchy matchy Crocs flip-flops I bought on sale for my husband and I. One of our summer essentials and all year round also.
And another screen shot from my Instagram account. These are my summer essentials - Rayban sunnies, a hat I bought some years ago at Tagaytay and my new fave colorful bag from The Sak.
I'm enjoying every minute of my breakfast by the beach. Oh summer! How can you be so beautiful! I just love the beach too much. But, unfortunately though the beach here at Subic Bay does not have the clearest water so I just dipped in a few minutes and went back to the pool.

See you again iCove!
Would not ever in the world missed the chance to take a selfie shot.
At the hotel room terrace. Sorry for my ugly shorts.

This was a good, relaxing and enjoyable stay. We will be back. I'm planning to bring my family along the next time. Thanks iCove!

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