Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Morning Routine

I surely am a day person. One thing that makes me like it is because I love gardening. Since I was a child, I will plant every seed I see in the kitchen, I even remember I always plant an onion then and be so happy when I would see the leaves sprouting. I carry this until now. But apparently I have been so busy with my day job and so with my little online business so my love for gardening took its toll.

It just happened one day while I was at the terrace posting my items on Ebay that I have seen how my garden looked like. It was a chaos and it was then that I promise to find time every morning for gardening before I go to work. It is now my daily morning routine. Well, it is some form of a half an hour exercise too for me. I pull off some grasses and weeds. I arrange some few pots at the same time re-arranging the plants little by little everyday. I fertilize, but I use organic. My fertilizers are the compost I make from kitchen scraps and leaf litters from our yard. We also raise native chickens and its dried manure is another addition to my compost.

I took a few photos for now so I'll have a remembrance of how chaotic it has been and I promise you I will post again after a few months of the changes I have made. I would like to buy a few more seeds of flowery plants cause I would love to see my garden with more colors.
This is hitting two birds with one stone for me cause I get to squeeze in what I love doing and I get a little exercise too everyday.


  1. nice post! kisses :)

  2. you must be a green loving, eco friendly person