Thursday, November 26, 2015

Shopping at Centris Sunday Market

My husband went to a shooting range last Sunday and while he was there, I let him dropped me off to a Sunday Market somewhere in Quezon City. I was able to discover this while my mom was confined at the hospital years ago and they were somewhere near the hospital. It's at Eton Centris, Quezon Ave., Quezon City and they are open only during Sundays until 2 pm. I particularly wanted to go here because of the little indoor planters I bought and I remember they sell lots of succulents here.

It's been years ago since I've been here and I was not disappointed upon coming back. Succulents flooded in the part of the market where they sell plants. In this particular store, they sell succulents, orchids and Poinsettias at reasonable prices, so when I found them there I bought what I wanted to buy.

I was able to buy this six pieces of different indoor-plant varieties. It only cost 3 for Php100.00 ($2.00 approximate). It's good enough for the many little planters I have. I wanted to buy some orchids but I decided my garden's not ready for it, so I'll just be back next time.

There are other stores there that sell plants and they let me took a photo. Don't get me wrong, this market don't just sell plants, they have all things you might need. From food, clothing, native products and so many others. I enjoyed strolling under the hot sun until my husband's done with his shooting and were ready to fetch me. Meanwhile here are the other photos that I took while having a stroll at the market.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

U.S. Stamps

   I've asked several people before to give me any stamps they have in their home and with that I was able to get some and these are the US stamps. I have friends and classmates who has relatives abroad back then when e-mail was not so popular yet.

I'm done with no. 20 stamp on my last stamp post so I'm starting with no. 21. I'm numbering each post so I'll have a count of how many I have. Thanks to this blog, in a few months I'll be able to have my total number of stamp issues.

21. Harriet Quimby Pioneer Pilot
      50 cents

Harriet Quimby is the first ever licensed American Female Pilot.

22. International Year of the Child
      15 cents
      February 15, 1979

23.  Chemistry Centenary
       13 cents

24. Colorado Statehood
      13 cents

25. National Grange
      5 cents

26. Harriet Tubman: Black Heritage
      13 cents

27. Stamp Collecting
      8 cents

Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hundred Islands

       This is a throwback. I'm telling you now because you might be wondering why I look so young and thin in the photos. But this is one trip that is worth a hundred throwbacks.
       This was way back 2009 during our summer Alaminos, Pangasinan trip to the Hundred Islands. I was not so keen at first, it was just my co-worker who wants to go see these more than a hundred little islands but I'm sure glad we went there. It was a very lovely place. We went there for an overnight stay at some inexpensive hotel where we all just stayed in one room. We left Bulacan with our rented van at about 3 am and reached there at nearly 7 am. After our breakfast, we headed to the beach to take a whole day stroll at the waters to see the little islands and rented a small boat for about 2,000 Pesos. We already brought along food and water for lunch and snack, including our towels and a few things we might need.

We were able to land at the three developed islands there namely Governor Island - the photos where there are stairs, Children's Island - it was probably called children's because it was like a swimming pool for kids, the water is shallow at the middle of the sea plus the sand is so white, and lastly, the Quezon Island where I couldn't find any photo of us there. We were able to stop by at some very little island too for lunch because I can't possibly eat at the boat, I get dizzy. It was a cute white sand small island where there is a rock in the middle and then a small beach front with white sand.

This was the Governor Island where the peak led to a beautiful overlooking spot to see the spectacular view of more than a hundred islands.
 The light house we saw near the market where we bought our souvenirs.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the lovely beach! 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Lying in bed with the Mockingjay and Mills & Boons

   I was on a sick leave, but only just for a day last week. My bed suddenly seemed the best place to be. Because I'm used to being  very busy all the time, I'm quite bored so it did not stop me from doing something while lying down. On the first half of the day, in the morning, where I'm usually most busy, I watched all four episodes of Season 6 of my favorite, The Walking Dead. And with that, I was able to convince myself that my favorite character, the former pizza delivery boy, has managed to survive and am now believing that Glenn is still alive.
   In the afternoon, when I got tired of the zombies, I re-read a few novels I've read before including another favorite, The Hunger Games' Mockingjay. 

The first paperback I read was a Mills and Boon 2 in 1 romance novels. The first story, "Beware Of The Boss" was good, it's about a boss who aren't so nice to his staff who mostly just come and go because he can't stand him. Then came this former swimming champion whose a little down because she's still moving on from her decision to change career and applied as an office staff with fake experiences on her resume, but she was able to manage. So that's it, you can guess what happened, the boss became softer and they fell in love. The other story was "The Reunion Lie". It was a about an attractive career woman who aren't very lucky with her love life. She's been bullied from school before so they've had a planned reunion with them and the populars at their school days are trying to put her down because she aren't married yet at 32, she just pulled and kissed a gorgeous guy from the club and told them he's her fiance. This was a typical romantically exciting "kilig" story who would have you hooked on the book until you finished. At least, of course for those who love romantic novels like I. Well, you might have guessed that they fell in love... they did.

   The third story for my romance-novel-marathon-flu-day was also from Mills and Boon, A Deal with Benefits. It's about an attractive lady who own and manage an island resort, then came a handsome guy who claims the resort as his. He won over but the girl won't just give up which ended with her being at his beck and call. This was like watching a soap opera. Rich, formerly rich, deceived and out for revenged. I liked this story the most. The one I've read from beginning to end in one sitting.

       The last but not the least was The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. I'm kind of trying to remember every sequences because I'm going to watch the film soon. Oh, I'm so excited. However, of the three books, I love Catching Fire the most. But being a fan, and being able to follow the Hunger Games series, I'm looking forward to this part 2 where I'd like to see Katniss Everdeen point his arrow to Coin instead of Snow. Too bad Primrose Everdeen has to die.

   Since I was little, I would save money to buy my favorite paperbacks. I have a large collection of Sweet Dreams before. I have not outgrown it, although, I've matured a little. hahaha! I have a lot here at home, it would probably fit a large box which my husband would like to donate to charity (hahaha!) because it's eating up too much space. The series I've followed are The Hunger Games, The-ever-popular Christian Grey and the Demi-Gods in Percy Jackson series.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Lovely Day in the Field

I grew up seeing rice fields everywhere, but apparently now some have already been converted to subdivisions, buildings and new houses. During these time, I get to feel the air touching my face and play under the sun all day. Well, my husband and I have discovered a vast field just adjacent to the property of my father-in-law that's part a rice field and the other somewhat a hill. Because my husband has been raising goats and wanna get serious about it. It's there, where the goats stay most of the day to feed with the grasses.

My husband along with our dog Weefee and our "goat care giver" lol, leading the way.

 We passed by the rice field and have seen a lot of golden rice grains ready to get harvested.

These are our goats Vanilla and Mocha. They've grown thinner because they've just moved in from a place which was flooded from our previous typhoon. My father used to take care of them. They're probably missing my dad. I hope when we get back this weekend they are a little heavier.

This is a pretty far walk from our home but we enjoyed it. A little exercise, some sunshine and plenty of mosquito bites. haha! Hopefully by next year we've already developed the nearby land which my husband's family owned. We're planning to transform it into a mini farm and built our little home there. Just hopefully! God bless everyone!