Tuesday, June 30, 2015

So here goes my June

The month of June has been a beautiful blogging experience for me as at this month I was able to find new blogger friends and gained 20 followers. I would just like to recap what has kept me busy.

1. Garden.

I love gardening too much I spent more and more of my free time at my garden. My husband and I bond during weekend mornings to remove the grown weeds and grasses and re-arrange the few pots we have. I've read somewhere or at another blog that gardening brings out some happy hormones so I assume that's why I'm happy inspite of the stress I'm having from work. I was also able to find the Vietnam Rose or what we call "alembong" here at a friend's garden. Likewise, I have bought adenium plants online shipped via LBC which are all now sitting on my pots outside.

2. Staycation.

Had one last June 12 while we are on a National Holiday. It was my husband's office company outing and I squeezed in. Glad I did. Needed some change of surroundings even for a night.

3. Wedding.

My husband and I attended a wedding at a nearby place but apparently we have not been able to take photos because it rained very hard.

4. First Birthday.

Another party we have attended along with my cousin and nephew was at my "Inaanak's" (goddaughter) 1st birthday held at Shakey's Quezon Ave. Here's a photo with my beautiful friends.

5. Buffet bonding.

Had my stomach filled with delicious native dishes at Bale Capampangan and burned it afterwards by walking around Marquee mall.

6. Proud Bulakenya.

Made a facebook page exclusive for my blogging. So my blogger friend's you may start liking it now. I chose this account name because I'm a Bulacan (Philippines) native and I'm proud of it. I learned also that you can have a facebook page at the same time a personal account using just one email. You can just switch it anytime depending on the account you wish to use.

7. Dress.

Bought a new cutie dress at Maldita (a local brand) at a very low price.

8. Cataract.

My father will be scheduled for a cataract surgery next month.He's already had one around five years ago at another eye. At the photo here he is trying for a fashion blogger pose I assume with our baby goat Mocha.

9. Celphone.

I bought my teenage nephew a new celphone since I think it is a necessity now for teenagers to have their own so they could be contacted while they're with friends.

10. Selfie.

A confessed selfie addict here. Never missed a month without a selfie.

Welcome July!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Garden Guest or Pest?

It was not the extreme heat as it went back just after our weather bureau has announced that it is officially the start of our wet season. But I've been thinking why would this very easy to grow healthy and full of flowers Chichirica or Periwinkle plant would lose a lot of leaves and turn yellow in just a few days.

I thought it was sick so this morning I finally resigned to the fact that it will still regain its beauty. I was about to pull it off when I noticed to have touched something.

So, this is what has caused it all. It has ruined the entire plant. What did I do? Well, I let it stay because I remembered the big beautiful yellow butterfly flaunting its beauty around my garden the other week. So, this could be her heir. And this is what I want anyway, well, at least not the caterpillar as pest but the beautiful flying objects hanging around my garden. I have a lot of chichirica baby plants so this could be replaced.

I'll let you be and treat you as my garden guest. Enjoy your stay and please let me see you when you already spread your wings.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Buffet Lunch at Bale Capampangan

Our unit has planned this buffet lunch and glad it was pushed through. We have eaten there at Bale Capampangan a couple of times before and we were satisfied so I guess that's why we keep coming back. We chose Saturday buffet lunch that only being served between 11 am to 3 pm. They mostly serve native Filipino delicacies.

This is the buffet table. Some exotic dishes are served like a duck dish, sweet and sour frog and the one I've eaten a lot and my favorite, the "Balot" steak. Other Filipino popular dishes like Kare-kare and Pakbet are also present. On the left side of the table, pickled bitter melons, green mangoes and cucumbers are placed including some condiments and the shrimp paste we call "bagoong." On the other corner, I was able to get a load of yummy crispy liempo, a marinated deep fried pork dish, which is also popular here. I was not able to take much photo since the place was jam-packed.
Good thing I was able to take a photo of the balot steak. For those that do not know "balot" It is from  duck eggs which are incubated and then after an ample amount of time, just when the embryo is developing, it will be harvested to get eaten and be served as balot.This is mostly eaten just plain from its shell because its already flavorful, a bit of salt, vinegar or chilli will bring out its best taste.

At the far corner of the restaurant, someone is playing the piano.

This was a Saturday of full stomach and fun. We went malling and coffeeing after. I think the stress from work I've gotten all week was relieved on this day.
While we were on the road we kept on taking selfies.

The wacky trio. They are my selfie/wacky lover colleagues

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Monday, June 22, 2015

A beautiful garden

My long-time friend who just lives nearby my house posted a photo of a flowering plant we call here in the Philippines "Alembong." Its a plant that will give you nonstop flowers daily. I've been looking for it a long time ago and was too glad I found out he has. To make the long story short. I went to his house. Before I even came there we already chatted and he revealed that gardening is his passion and I am just happy to find someone who loves gardening like I do.
This is really a home of a passionate gardener. It was so arranged and it even looked like a garden of a resort to me. I was so happy to discover his beautiful garden.
This is the beautiful view my husband took just as we arrived.

This part is the root of a big old mango tree. He was able to design it to look as lovely as this.

 These are the Alembong plants I ask him for. He told me to pick as many as I can. And I did. He even helped me cause he was gardening that misty morning.

This is already at my home. He gave me this beautiful centerpiece and it fits perfectly at our terrace.

 Forgive me as I am not so good with plant identifications but I knew some plants he has given me, these two last photo are "Mayana" varieties. He also gave some other ornamental plants which I wish would live since I just discovered today as I went home that my husband's nephew along with his playmates just sabotage my garden. lol. I call it sabotage but then they thought they gave me a hand while I was at work. Roar! But I've managed my anger because I've realize my likeness for gardening has an influence on them. I will just reconstruct everything and hope that all the newly planted will live.  I just told them not to go there anymore so they will not get bitten by mosquitoes. 

I promise the next time, my post will always be complete including the plant names. I am just tired today but was very excited to share the beautiful garden I discovered.