Tuesday, June 30, 2015

So here goes my June

The month of June has been a beautiful blogging experience for me as at this month I was able to find new blogger friends and gained 20 followers. I would just like to recap what has kept me busy.

1. Garden.

I love gardening too much I spent more and more of my free time at my garden. My husband and I bond during weekend mornings to remove the grown weeds and grasses and re-arrange the few pots we have. I've read somewhere or at another blog that gardening brings out some happy hormones so I assume that's why I'm happy inspite of the stress I'm having from work. I was also able to find the Vietnam Rose or what we call "alembong" here at a friend's garden. Likewise, I have bought adenium plants online shipped via LBC which are all now sitting on my pots outside.

2. Staycation.

Had one last June 12 while we are on a National Holiday. It was my husband's office company outing and I squeezed in. Glad I did. Needed some change of surroundings even for a night.

3. Wedding.

My husband and I attended a wedding at a nearby place but apparently we have not been able to take photos because it rained very hard.

4. First Birthday.

Another party we have attended along with my cousin and nephew was at my "Inaanak's" (goddaughter) 1st birthday held at Shakey's Quezon Ave. Here's a photo with my beautiful friends.

5. Buffet bonding.

Had my stomach filled with delicious native dishes at Bale Capampangan and burned it afterwards by walking around Marquee mall.

6. Proud Bulakenya.

Made a facebook page exclusive for my blogging. So my blogger friend's you may start liking it now. I chose this account name because I'm a Bulacan (Philippines) native and I'm proud of it. I learned also that you can have a facebook page at the same time a personal account using just one email. You can just switch it anytime depending on the account you wish to use.

7. Dress.

Bought a new cutie dress at Maldita (a local brand) at a very low price.

8. Cataract.

My father will be scheduled for a cataract surgery next month.He's already had one around five years ago at another eye. At the photo here he is trying for a fashion blogger pose I assume with our baby goat Mocha.

9. Celphone.

I bought my teenage nephew a new celphone since I think it is a necessity now for teenagers to have their own so they could be contacted while they're with friends.

10. Selfie.

A confessed selfie addict here. Never missed a month without a selfie.

Welcome July!


  1. Looks like you've been very busy. Glad to know you enjoy gardening and that it is a bonding experience with your husband. Your selfies are lovely and it was so nice of you to buy your nephew his own phone.

    1. Thank you Joyful. My husband and I love gardening. Yeah, I even shoulder my nephews school fees.

  2. Haha your papa and Mocha vogue-ing it up is priceless. He looks like such a nice man. I see you ate at Shakey's. We used to have restaurants called Shakey's Pizza. I wonder if they are related. Very cute selfies but the shot that steals the show is you in that lovely blue dress!! You look very lovely and VERY sexy!! Wowwowwow is all I have to safely say ;) Happy July!

    All Things Bright and Lovely

    1. hahaha! actually he's trying to have a good pose with Mocha but she won't let him. Yes, I assume it's the same Shakey's Pizza. Thank you dear Shamuboo!! That's my favorite all time photo of mine.

  3. hahhahah selfie addict here too...love this post so much because it keeps you track of your whereabouts and by looking back you realize you never wasted time..keep going


    1. Thank you Jehan! I'm planning to do this every last day of the month.

    2. yeah it is a good idea, Lei..go lang ng go

  4. It sounds like you've had such a great June! Hopefully July is great too :) xx

  5. Haha..loved that pic of your dad! What a beautiful month you've had. May July be as amazing. ^.^