Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Beautiful Sunset at Morong Bataan

Summer is the best time of the year! Living in the tropics becomes paradise during this hot season. Everyone's packing up during holidays and weekends for a lovely road trip going to the Philippine beaches. Turned out it was my father-in-laws birthday last mid-March and my husband and I treated him and the family for a two-day, one-night beach trip. The beach we went to in Morong Bataan is situated where you can witness a sunset too beautiful, I wanna stay for a week of sunsets. lol.

 The fine sand is gray when dry but becomes black when wet.

I played sand with my two nephews while waiting for the sunset.
 The lovely waves of the beach during the afternoon was very inviting.

 Finally, the orange ball is now coming down.
 I captured the jump of my nephew making it looked like he's surfing.

Even when the sun has gone down and black has eaten the sky, we went back to the beach just sitting at the sand after dinner. We were there with other groups too and one has a big bonfire. Sadly, my camera can't capture darkness. But it was a refreshing experience, hearing the waves, the warm ocean breeze on our faces and the big bonfire in front of us. I regret not bringing my favorite mallows there.  I will be back, the long drive is always worth it!!

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Flowers in the Mountain!

My last trip has filled my eyes with gorgeous flowers everywhere. But I didn't pick anything I swear! What I have with me now are photos and colorful memories.

 I adore this wall of plants. Surely these little things produce lots of oxygen while filtering our air by inhaling carbon dioxide.

 Dual Colors Petunia.
 Petunia bed.

 White and Dark Pink Petunias.
 Pink Petunias.
 Navy Blue Large Petunias. Just lovely.

 Colorful Petunias loving the cold weather.
 Dendrobiums circle this tree trunk.
 These are arrangements displayed at the Burnham park. The park was crowded when we were there because the yearly flower "Panagbenga" Festival was just a week away.

 I photobombed this beautiful heart shaped Poinsettias, sorry!

 Recycled materials used at the wall. Some are old cans painted in different colors, croc-like footwears and even a pair of old denims.

The old shoes turned into little pots are new to my eyes.
Sending kisses to ya'all! I had a lovely time. Flowers are my weakness.

My Calamansi Tree Fruits are Growing!

   I've made an earlier post above my Calamansi tree flowering, now those flowers have turned into lovely little fruits waiting for its time to be ripe and get picked. All the flowers did not turn out to be fruits probably because of the wind then, but a significant amount remained. I'm just happy planting something from seed and harvesting from it after a few years.

                I can't wait to harvest the fruits of my labor. Happy Sunday everyone!