Friday, October 30, 2015

Manny Pacquiao "Fight of the Century" Stamps

Emmanuel "Manny" Pacquiao is the Philippine's pride and boxing legend. As a tribute to our People's Champ, a stamp has been released in his honor with the theme "Fight of the Century" referring to one of his biggest fights held last May. This was not his first time getting featured, the first happened last 2008.

I've been wanting to buy this since its date of release but when my friend came to our local post office, they don't sell. Apparently, it was only being sold at the Central Post Office. I was sad as this is one collectible release with the thought that it will only be few. But then, when the registry cards we sent to clients from our registered mails returned with these stamps attached, I pulled it all off.

17.  Emmanuel "Manny" Pacquiao: Fight of the Century
       April 20, 2015

I was able to pull off some other stamp designs as well.

18. Mango
      Philippine Popular Fruits #3
      February 10, 2015

19. Banana
      Philippine Popular Fruits #4
      March 12, 2015

This one features my favorite Lakatan banana, this taste so well in fruit salads and with Nutella Hazelnut Chocolate Spread.

20. Purple Firefish
      Philippine Marine Biodiversity
      December 10, 2013

Source: PhilPost Stamp Releases Archive

Thrifty Finds

My colleagues and I went to the mini-mall near us to eat at a fast food during lunchtime and as we passed by a few stores before going back to the office I saw something I really like to buy but there's no time anymore cause we're nearing past our afternoon break and we are front liners so we have to hurry back. Instead, I went back after office to buy some. It was a good buy and I am just glad as I would like to collect these things.

This cute polka lilac planter with a shape of a watering can has been too cute for me to resist. It costs only P175.00 (about $3.80) and big enough enough to carry a bigger house plant. My only problem now is the houseplant I'm going to put in them, it could be either a cacti or some green plant.

Along with it I bought a smaller planter that looks like a little pale. I was not going to buy it but then it only cost P100.00 ($2.10) so I bought it also.

I was able to buy these two little home planters at Lock and Lock. There are other cute finds there but I'm reserving it for next visit.

While I was waiting for my husband to come fetch me at the mini mall, I looked around and visit Japan Home, there, I was able to find this cute yellow floral plate. Too bad, there's only one piece left but I don't mind. I've still gotten it and for only P88.00 (($1.90).
I've found a teacup and saucer set as well for only P66.00 (about more than $1.00). It has a lovely bird design in it.

Found good cute pieces at low prices. I truly enjoyed. I will have something to bring when I already have my own house, two li'l planters, a plate and a teacup and saucer set. hahaha!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I Never Knew Halloween 'Til I'm Old

This is a fact for me. Trick or Treats and Halloween parties are western cultures we have learned to adapt here in my country. The children of these days now enjoy these kind of celebrations. During my childhood, I never really knew about Halloween, honestly, what we have here in my country is the All Saint's Day every November 1st and All Soul's Days every 2nd of the same month. But I've had my share of fun memories of our own "Halloween".

Watching Magandang Gabi Bayan's Horror Special.

Horror stories are popular at this time, so every year it is a tradition for this popular documentary show to feature true horror stories that won't make you sleep at night. I would remember my cousins and I would sit down the couch and watch this yearly, then hide our faces if it's getting so scary. We have food in front of us and would sometimes shout altogether if an ugly creature would appear on the re-enactment. We will also share our own "make-up" ghost story as well (because now I know it's all made-up hahaha!).

Buying candles and flowers for our dead loved ones.

It is our tradition to visit our loved ones who has already joined our creator in the cemetery every year, so during the eve of this day every mall or market are jam packed because every one's buying flowers and candles. It's not like the fun you feel during christmas shopping but still its a hype. I've always love choosing colored candles and the prettiest flower arrangements until now.

November 1st.

There's only a few November first in my life where I have not gone to the cemetery to visit our dead family members. It also serves as a mini reunion too because everyone's there and it's always a holiday.
There we bring flowers and candles, we also pray. It is almost always a festive atmosphere because everyone's there, former classmates and friends, you will see them walking around visiting their dead as well or buying food because there are also vendors everywhere.

November 2nd.

Not much event during this day but this used to be a holiday so we always have our much needed rest from all our ghost stories and imaginations that there were really creatures of other dimensions everywhere and they were more powerful during the night. hahaha!

These dates, I've been seeing Halloween activities on kids school, trick or treats on villages plus there are also a lot of mall activities. Nonetheless, the Halloween I knew back then was fun too.

This was a photo of my nephew two years ago during a school Halloween event.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sa Tamang Panahon! The Aldub Phenomenon! We were there! #teamarena

This little boy has been addicted to kalserye for sometime, that's why when it was announced that their next Saturday show entitled Tamang Panahon will be held on the world's largest indoor arena Philippine Arena which apparently is just on our hometown, we decided to go, the whole family.

It just saddens me that just a few hours after the announcement and on the following the day, the site where the tickets could be bought crashed. When I already can get thru, the remaining tickets are only for the farthest areas, the lowest Php150.00. But because our little boy (nephew of my husband) has already tweeted that he'll be there at the arena, it will break his heart if we won't push thru, so we did.

We came later than the time of entrance announced on the website of Eat Bulaga because we are just somewhere near. This was what we have seen on the nearest entrance. A line to forever. Well, what do we expect from a venue that can cater 55,000 people where the tickets are sold-out.

So we opted for the other entrance which is a little far from where we are, at the NLEX. It took us a little less than an hour to get there because of the traffic so by the time we were there, there's no line anymore, convinience at its finest. I've seen the large number of people lined up at the entrance thru social media, and I sure think being late has its benefits. Anyway the show hasn't started when we arrive.

I also brought along my two nieces who are also followers of Aldub.

This is how big the crowd was.
 While my niece and I went to the restroom, we took a few photos around. This was one of her cute shots with Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub. Our kababayan (townsman) whom we are so proud of. The other half of the loveteam Aldub.

It was indeed the perfect time. I'm sure glad we joined the phenomenon. It was good vibes all the way. 
Tired but happy while we were on the way home. 

 Anyway, for my non-Filipino friends, Kalserye is a series inserted on a Filipino noontime show Eat Bulaga featuring the phenomenal loveteam we call Aldub (Alden + Yaya Dub). If you are active on twitter you might have wondered about the worldwide trends they've been having since a few months ago, the largest of which was the #AldubEBforLove having drawn 25.6 million tweets and just yesterday the #AldubEBTamangPanahon has garnered 39.5 million tweets. I am not much of a follower of Aldub but I love Maine and am proud of her. She's the simple girl from my hometown Sta. Maria, Bulacan whose been breaking twitter records and has been making a nationwide phenomenon here in the Philippines.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

White Rock Beach Escapade

 I just remembered this video of mine which my brother has compiled and uploaded on Youtube last 2011. Its a throwback for our day trip to White Rock WaterPark and Hotel in Subic.
It has been a few years ago that's why I've already forgotten the cost of the whole trip. I just remembered the van rental of about P6,000.00 for one day. It was summer then that's why the beach was full and we only end up renting one small umbrella cottage for the twelve of us. Anyway, we just need it to put on our things and food. Speaking of food, we brought our own and its quite a lot so were all so full which has made our tummy bulge.

We explored the whole beach, enjoyed the wave pool, rid the slides, gone kayaking and took photos everywhere.

Beautiful beach, hot sun, fine sand and happy people. A trip that's worth a throwback.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Let's get moisturized!

I have once watched a beautiful Filipino celebrity being interviewed about her beauty regimen and she said for number one - moisturize! It doesn't matter if you are a morena (olive-skinned)or fair, just moisturize, especially when you're 25 years and above. I have actually put that in mind and have done this beauty not-so-secret since then. Since I am relatively fair, I'm not after the whitening products abundant in the Asian market. I actually think myself that fairness is not about everything, what one should have is a healthy youthful glowing skin.

Facial Wash

For my facial wash what I use is Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam. It was only a gift from a friend. I don't like it at first because my skin has reacted having been used to a Korean brand for a long time, but I like it now because it is gentle enough and the tiniest amount can form a rich lather. I also think it did make my skin look better because of its brightening effect. I've taken no photos because its already a little worn out and will be needing a replacement anytime soon.

Body Wash

I alternately use a heavy moisturizer soap and a body wash. But for now I'm using Palmolive Body Wash with Milk and Olive. When using a body wash, there's always a need for you to scrub it all over your body, so great, aside from its moisturizing content, scrubbing takes away our dead skins and rejuvinates.

Facial Moisturizer and BB Cream 

Every morning after bathing, I moisturize my face with Myra Facial Moisturizer. Its a local brand, not that expensive but good enough. I particularly look for a Vitamin E enriched facial moisturizer and good thing Myra has it. I've been using it for quite a while now and I'd say it even worked better than the previous expensive brand I used. 

I also apply BB cream after the facial moisturizer has dried down. I only purchased this from a friend who sells Korean products and to my surprise, its very nice. It covers up my little freckles. Its Magic Girl Multi Collagen BB cream by Baviphat Secret Recipe. 

Body Lotion

This Bath and Body Works 24-hour moisture is another gift from a friend who already lives abroad and came here for a vacation. I love it so. The scent, the feel, everything! 

Aloe Vera

BTW, I've learned somewhere that type O blood types like I gets more mosquito bites than others, so now I knew why I always have this big bites after gardening. I always apply an Aloe Vera to every bite and it will go away more quickly, but of course its always better not to get bitten eh? 

Petroleum Jelly 

Wherever I go, I always carry this on my bag because I have sensitive skin and would easily have rashes and this one has always been pretty helpful. Petroleum Jelly. BTW, this can also be used for moisturizing your feet overnight, apply it to both before sleeping, then put your socks on and see in the morning how soft and smooth your feet are. 

Moisturizing is the key for looking better and no one can ever look better than having a healthy skin. Of course eight glasses of water a day, eating fruits and vegetables and better sleeping habits will make you look fresh and lovely as ever as well. Living a healthy lifestyle and stress free days counts too.

Disclaimer: Not in any way connected to any of these products, just a mere user stating the products she's using. Not a sponsored post neither.

Friday, October 16, 2015

LSS on a Saturday

Its a lazy Saturday once again. My favorite day of the week. The day where I can write more blog post than ever. We have a bed weather here so I was not able to visit my garden but my husband did even though its dewy. I didn't for I might catch a cold. 

Well, I've been having this LSS (Last Song Syndrome) this whole week when I heard this on radio one time. And that's it, I can't stop listening to it since then. I am a Beatles fan since childhood. I love their songs, but my current favorite is Yesterday. I apologize for being such an old school though. 

I particularly like the feel of this song. Its kind of making me experience a different world, either that or I'm really just a weirdo. But the lyrics uhmm well of course it doesn't match my own yesterday.

Well then, here are my few thoughts about Yesterday?

It has thought us lessons, experiences and wisdom. Something money can't ever buy. The things that we will value when we grow old.

Beautiful memories. Well, memories of course aren't always as beautiful. Good or bad, it's all part of who we are today. 

It always gives chances for wrongs to be corrected. A chance to become better than we are.

If you're stressed today and its kind of like there's no way out. Remember today will always be yesterday. So, just count the hours and sleep tight. When you wake up, it's already a memory and we call it yesterday. hahaha!

I hope you are enjoying Yesterday by Beatles as much as I do.

More of My Philippines Stamp Collection

Here goes more of my stamp collection. Some of these are too old already. Back to when my mom was still young.

10. Philippine National Bank 50th Anniversary
      July 22, 1966

11. 15th International Conference on Social Welfare 
      September 6, 1970

12. 15th International Conference on Social Welfare 
      September 6, 1970

13. New Constitution
      December 19, 1987 

I remember this one the most because it was when the President of the Philippines changes through EDSA People Power Revolution and the New Constitution was made. This was my childhood and we were made to memorize our Preamble.

14. "Buy Filipino" Movement
      August 11, 1987

15. Bonifacio Monument
      July 10, 1978

16. Baguio City 75th Anniversary
      August 24,1984

See you on my no. 17 post. Til next my loves.

Source: Republic of the Philippines - Stamp and Postal History

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Rewards of the gardener

I am now literally gaining the fruits of my labor. Since it is a weekend, I paid my garden a thorough visit and guess what? This is what I earned. So many harvest. There are still a lot of fruits waiting to ripen and get harvested in the days to come. I hope I could give it more time in the future so I will have  more harvest.

Guavas, Custard Apple, Sour Sop, Calamansi, Bell Pepper

We have harvested so many guavas actually but I have not taken a photo since we have visitors yesterday and they've eaten some and the ripe ones were cooked as our lunch, a native dish we call Sinigang na Bangus sa Bayabas, a milksfish cooked in guava soup.

No chemicals were used for any of my tree or plants, so what we have is 100% organic.