Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Let's get moisturized!

I have once watched a beautiful Filipino celebrity being interviewed about her beauty regimen and she said for number one - moisturize! It doesn't matter if you are a morena (olive-skinned)or fair, just moisturize, especially when you're 25 years and above. I have actually put that in mind and have done this beauty not-so-secret since then. Since I am relatively fair, I'm not after the whitening products abundant in the Asian market. I actually think myself that fairness is not about everything, what one should have is a healthy youthful glowing skin.

Facial Wash

For my facial wash what I use is Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam. It was only a gift from a friend. I don't like it at first because my skin has reacted having been used to a Korean brand for a long time, but I like it now because it is gentle enough and the tiniest amount can form a rich lather. I also think it did make my skin look better because of its brightening effect. I've taken no photos because its already a little worn out and will be needing a replacement anytime soon.

Body Wash

I alternately use a heavy moisturizer soap and a body wash. But for now I'm using Palmolive Body Wash with Milk and Olive. When using a body wash, there's always a need for you to scrub it all over your body, so great, aside from its moisturizing content, scrubbing takes away our dead skins and rejuvinates.

Facial Moisturizer and BB Cream 

Every morning after bathing, I moisturize my face with Myra Facial Moisturizer. Its a local brand, not that expensive but good enough. I particularly look for a Vitamin E enriched facial moisturizer and good thing Myra has it. I've been using it for quite a while now and I'd say it even worked better than the previous expensive brand I used. 

I also apply BB cream after the facial moisturizer has dried down. I only purchased this from a friend who sells Korean products and to my surprise, its very nice. It covers up my little freckles. Its Magic Girl Multi Collagen BB cream by Baviphat Secret Recipe. 

Body Lotion

This Bath and Body Works 24-hour moisture is another gift from a friend who already lives abroad and came here for a vacation. I love it so. The scent, the feel, everything! 

Aloe Vera

BTW, I've learned somewhere that type O blood types like I gets more mosquito bites than others, so now I knew why I always have this big bites after gardening. I always apply an Aloe Vera to every bite and it will go away more quickly, but of course its always better not to get bitten eh? 

Petroleum Jelly 

Wherever I go, I always carry this on my bag because I have sensitive skin and would easily have rashes and this one has always been pretty helpful. Petroleum Jelly. BTW, this can also be used for moisturizing your feet overnight, apply it to both before sleeping, then put your socks on and see in the morning how soft and smooth your feet are. 

Moisturizing is the key for looking better and no one can ever look better than having a healthy skin. Of course eight glasses of water a day, eating fruits and vegetables and better sleeping habits will make you look fresh and lovely as ever as well. Living a healthy lifestyle and stress free days counts too.

Disclaimer: Not in any way connected to any of these products, just a mere user stating the products she's using. Not a sponsored post neither.


  1. What a great post, Lei! I love the packaging on the products, very attractive! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on these items, now is the time of year when we all need moisturizers! :)

  2. Thanks Linda! Yeah, the air's starting to dry out our skin.

  3. Brilliant tip on the petroleum jelly, Lei. I must try that!

  4. Never try any of these now I might have to.

    1. Yeah, why not? It works for me. Thanks Jackie.

  5. I love vitamin e face creams, they're really good! Moisturising is so important!

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