Saturday, August 22, 2015

A few tips to live happily

I just finished reading a few blogs which share their happiness and it made me feel quite inspired to give some few tips to remain positive and always be happy.


 And sometimes all we could see are these thorns. Well, some things are just inevitable. If you can find a solution, go solve, but if not face it and let things be. I have been a victim of anxiety  for some time too, because I'm always afraid of what tomorrow may bring, but I've managed it triumphantly with courage and acceptance and of course the most powerful weapon, prayers.


No matter how busy you are with work, children, obligations, never let this be the reason for you to lose your "me" time or whatever it is that can chill you out a bit even for just a few hours in a week. Be with friends at some spa to have yourself pampered. Foots spa is one of my favorite relaxation. Once a month is already good enough for me. You can also have your favorite coffee with the husband, boyfriend or girlfies and have a small talk.  Catching the new movie release is also very relaxing. When I watch a movie (actions are my favorite) I always feel like I'm the lead actress. Lol. You can also go squeeze in a run to the nearest bookstore and purchase a book you'd want to read.


Be with people who loves you for who you are. Those that can give you the homey feel. Those whom you can share with the life's simple joys. Please note that friendship knows no rules. These are the people whom you can run to during your troubled times and the same way you share with them your success even in little things. Be with the right people and you will live in peace.


These are five different things, but each could matter a lot to anyone. Shopping and traveling are a hard workers gift to themselves and I believe it's a must or you'll get burned out. My mother would always tell me when I was younger to buy the things that I like because it is a gift I should give to myself as a reward for my hard work. Traveling is special because this will fill your heart with memories no one could ever erase. You can have all memories of it till you grow old. Being in a different place I believe is mostly everyone's joy. There are people who'd like the feeling of financial securities, they can never be wrong because one should really save for old age. Nothing in this world lasts forever, you may be on top now, but since the world may just turn around one day and you just might find yourself at the bottom, it is best to save even just a little portion of your earnings. This may not bring up your social status like what shopping and traveling does, you know because of these social media things, but savings and a fat bankbook will definitely save us one day, won't it? Love and inspire. Two things that are our major reasons for living. To be loved and to love back and to inspire those we love. We can never live alone or rather survive alone, loner or not, people in general need love. It's something that makes us see the sunshine during the heavy rains. The same way with inspiration, it gives color to any gloomy day.


It has been noted that exercise brings out the happy hormones and I've proven this so many times. Of course I would never exclude what makes me happy, gardening. It is believed that gardening is therapeutic. I have also proven this, I always feel like all my cells are getting renewed when I'm tendering my garden. The aura in itself of a garden brings peace to one's heart. So all anger, hates, a bad day or week, a garden can help cure it. Well, eating good food is one more thing. Be healthy and happy. Let's fill our stomach with real foods. If you're a busy person, set a date at least once or twice in a week to prepare and make your family eat real foods.


A happy person glows from the inside. Let's be lovely and happy at the same time. Quite hard eh, with this tough life? Yeah. Every time the trials, sadness, challenges will come our way (which will surely do) let's just go back to the things that makes us happy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Starting out my edible garden

I've been very busy lately with lots of stuffs to finish at the office that's why I am getting so little time for my online store and for my blog too. My favorite form of relaxation of course is gardening. It renews all my burned out cells, no matter how weedy it has been since it is our wet season.

Anyway, since I'd like to fill my stomach with more organic stuffs, I feel that an edible garden won't be a bad idea. I still have no place right now for my "real" edible garden so I'm just letting my few edible plants fit in with my ornaments.

This are my onions beside the ornamental plants.

I made a mistake of planting the whole garlic bulb when I should have broke it apart and planted each clove instead. Anyway, I wanna see what will happen, if this would still work.

Got some hot chilli peppers too. I have not transplanted some of my bell peppers yet.

Some of my tomatoes are growing well too and it is about to give me some yummy organic fruits soon.

My Guyabano (Soursop) tree is fruiting for the first time.

 These are my grand harvest. The tasty avocados and these sweet Pomelos. These trees except for the Avocados are all planted from seeds, they came from those we have eaten wherein we just threw the seeds outside then I just transplant it when I see something that does not look like a weed. We also have big Mango and Malunggay (Moringa) trees inside the yard.

Well, this will do for now. I hope one day my husband and I can build that big dream house with the most spacious yard for garden and farmlet.

I want to rest early today since I'm a bit tired. I also have photos of some of my ornamental plants that I'd like to share.

As I have always read it from the gardening lovers, to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.
Well, I must say I really do.