Friday, May 22, 2015

All Must Go!

Aside from being an employee, I am a small time entrepreneur selling imported goods online. I have a partner in the US who buys sale goods there and ships it to me here if a medium-sized balikbayan box is already filled. I did this for me, so I could have the esteem to call myself an entrepreneur and also to earn a little. I'm honestly not much into selling but to my surprise so far I have been enjoying every bit of this online thingy. I never thought selling could ever become my passion. Who wouldn't be happy to see boxes of branded imported goods all the time and its all mine... well... of course for a time until I've sold it.

I already have annoying, pissing experiences also, usually from buyers who would return and would bring up their thousand reasons for doing so and also to those they call "joy reservers." I would think this tag came up because of the people who finds happiness reserving but will not really buy. But its all part of online selling.

My goods are usually branded watches, handbags & backpacks. I also have some flip-flops. I sell it on facebook, instagram, OLX and Ebay. I get my most sale on Ebay while I get the most number of bogus buyers and joy reservers on facebook.

I currently have three (3) medium boxes of items for sale but when I unloaded and then reload, they already fit just two (2) boxes. Good thing I'm having good sales this last couple of weeks. Thank
But as the title of my post says. All must go! I would wish I can have this mountain of goodies sold in  record time.

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  1. set aside record time... you are a model hard worker which alone can make record :)