Monday, November 13, 2017

Week 45 of 2017

                 I am so thrilled this week because we are currently experiencing a very long weekend. The ASEAN Summit is being held in Manila so classes and work, both government and private are all suspended from November 13, 14 & 15. Five days of rest including Saturday and Sunday is just awesome. Heavy traffic is advised since a lane for the delegates of ASEAN were created, so instead of spending hours at the traffic, why can't I just stay home and enjoy five days of no work.

                  I am about to do some important chores in the house like washing our clothes and dusting, so while I am still conditioning myself, a blog post won't be so hard. I am checking the gifts I recently received from my friends who traveled. Here it is;

Rosary. My friend who traveled to Portugal went home with a scented rosary direct from Fatima.

Pouch. A cute floral Estee Lauder pouch is a gift from a friend who now lives in Canada.

Cath Kidston. I was too lucky to be using a new wallet since I am yet to buy some serious looking                              one. Something that matches my age.

Scarf. I'm lovin' the print and colors of the scarf. Butterflies, flowers and ribbons.

Lippie. I like the color of this moisture lippie.

          I am also tending the garden when I noticed one of a small tree already bearing fruits and lots of reddish flowers.

Kamias Tree.

            A tropical tree which produces sour tasting fruits can be a great addition to our local sour soups such as Sinigang, can also be sweetened and preserved but I most like this as a dip along with fish sauce or salt paired with rice and anything fried. I'm excited to harvest the first fruit of our young Kamias tree.


                  I have some shots too at my celphone during my recent trip to the City of Pines that I'd like to share.

Shoefie. I always like taking photo of my feet (though it's not pretty) whenever I see a beautiful                         flower.

Pink Flowers. I don't know what it is called but it's definitely lovely but sadly I doubt if it will survive lowland.

Selfie. Leave me alone for a moment and I swear, I'll have a selfie.

 View.  A lovely view from the upland takes away a week's worth of stress. Cool and clean breeze                  dumping on my face. Luh!

             Anne Curtis destination wedding at the beautiful, scenic New Zealand has taken a lot of my time too. An intimate, fun and relaxed wedding at a very beautiful place. No big cakes, beautiful wedding gown, but was so fun and full of love. New Zealand is now included in the bucketlist, thanks to Anne and Erwan and best wishes to them too.

             To my fellow Pinoys from Bulacan, Pampanga and the NCR, let's enjoy one more day vacationing! xxx


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  2. It sounds like you've had a lovely week :) xx

  3. ang ganda ng mga tanim ni Lei kasing ganda niya..i love long weekends talaga s loob ng bahay lang ako gumagala hehe

  4. Great photos

  5. The scenery is stunning, Lei. Am loving the last pic a lot. Such a beautiful place. Bet you enjoyed your off days! ^.^

  6. I hope you enjoyed your days off. It's always fun to get sometime to get away from the usual work grind. I hope you have more Kamias fruits coming from that tree.

  7. Being a catholic, I am drawn to the scented Rosary from Fatima. How great that you got 3 extra days of rest.

  8. salamat sa pagiging bahagi ng blog ko sa 10 years...celebrating 10 years, Written Feelings....