Saturday, October 15, 2016

Weekend Habit

Oh it's the precious weekend once again, I'm always kinda looking forward for these two rest days called Saturday and Sunday. I get to do my other engagements and hobbies during these days.

This is the view we have from the garage we built. We usually rise early morning on Saturdays and Sundays to eat breakfast there, fix and weed the garden, then relax.

We have planted a Golden Shower tree last April. It has now grown so big. I hope it will bear it's curtain-like big yellow flowers next year, but it is still might be too young to have blooms but organic can make magic. Let's see. I hope the butterflies and moths will stop laying eggs on its leaves too, it  is defoliating because lots and lots of caterpillars are eating the leaves.

I'm also growing four Fire trees. Bright orange flowers will invade our garden every mid-year at these trees maturity.

 This one is just six month old. It has grown too big already. On the far right, you can see a house under construction. That's where we'll live. A few more funds and we're done.

We call this a "male" Papaya tree, they say it will not bear fruit, but still I'm letting it grow.
This is the one they call the "female", it's flowers will turn into Papaya fruits in a few months.

This is a red Kamantigue that has grown too big.

These are called "Alembong" here which in english means flirt because it flowers nonstop everyday.

My beautiful Zinnia blooms.
Our DIY bird feeder, made from bamboo and some tree branch. I placed a pot near it which serves as a bird bath.
We call this plant "Makahiya," I used to play with this during my younger years. The leaves of this weed will close up when touched.

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Your photos are really beautiful, Lei! Thank you so much for sharing. :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Thank you, Lei for sharing your garden with us. You have a big place to plant lots of trees and plants. Love to see all the flowers blooming. I too played with the shy plants when I was a little kid.

  3. such gorgeous plants and trees!

  4. Lovely photos! Your garden looks lovely! :) xx

  5. love Fashionmia's the blazers here..\

  6. i suddenly miss my mom's hometown in Bulacan. We often visit them once a year. Lovely plants you have grown there. :D

    I am always fascinated by the waterlilies in Bulacan. I love their smell too! :D


    1. That's nice to know you visit Bulacan. Thanks Myx!

  7. I am so curious to see the golden shower and fire trees. I will try and stop eating all the leaves but they are so tasty :)

    1. I will have photos of their flowers years from now. lol. They're so lovely!

  8. Hi Lei! stopping by to visit.

    Let's exchanged link? :) :)