Thursday, January 26, 2017

Cutie Finds at the Lowest Price

      I recently discovered a thrift store that sells furniture, wooden items, vases and kitchen wares at the lowest price. I saw a wooden furniture that I’d like to buy for my new home which only cost Php5,000.00 but I’m still thinking.

        I bought a few items that I thought were too cute to let go.

        The darker wood will be used as chopping board.

         These are teacups from Japan but I will be adding it to my  collection of pots with houseplants. I’m just waiting for our help slash carpenter to be free so I’ll have a divider or stand for my mini pots.

         This red thing just cost Php5.00 She’s too cute with the heart accent.

          The platter with lilac flower design is very lovely at only Php30.00

          The best pieces I’ve found so far are these saucers at only Php10.00 each.

           Looking around can be so much fun and visiting thrift stores too.

           Have a nice day!



  1. Love the platter too and I like the idea of using those cute cups as pots for your indoor plants.

  2. Oh I love the saucers and teacups! I can just imagine how cute the plants would look in the cups.

  3. Looks so beautiful!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  4. Everything looks amazing! Love the cups.

    Vanessa x |