Thursday, July 9, 2015

Reminiscing the beach

It was raining hard the whole day today because of the typhoon somewhere around the Philippine area of responsibility. Though it did not make a landfall, the typhoon has been pulling monsoon rains. That's why it's been wet and cold here for a week now. I just hope that the rain would stop soon or otherwise our river would overflow.

And I guess because it's Thursday and it's raining, I am permitted to reminisce the dry hot summer.
This was our trip to Morong, Bataan where we rented a two-bedroom house. It was a private house along the beach and we were lucky it was not as crowded as other beaches were and the water was so clear.

We have taken about twenty shots before we were able to make it up there at the same time. Tiring but super fun.

We stayed in the water as long as we can. Sunset at the beach was just one of the best thing ever.

During the night, maybe because we were all exhausted we already forgot to take photos so there's none I can share. But we did cooked the food we have brought along with us. We grilled the barbecues and my fave "isaw" (chicken intestines). We also have fried okras and pork and chicken adobo. I was so full I slept early but some stayed awake and sang at the videoke they have rented outside the house.

Our yummy breakfast: binagoongan rice (rice with shrimp paste topped with onions, mangoes, tomatoes), hotdogs, sweet longanisa, fried eggs and the sinful backfat chicharon (crispy, fatty pork rinds) dipped in chilli vinegar.

Before we went home on our second day, we made sure we've had a lot of memories to keep. I'm glad we've found this cute house and the beautiful beach.


  1. That trip looks like so much fun! So relaxing and I bet so many laughs. The food looks great too but for the intestines part. Eek! :) And, wow, dear, look at that gorgeous belly!! That first picture was certainly my favorite, very wow :) xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  2. so the bonding so much

    1. Thank you Jehan! We've had a nice time.

    2. yeah I can really enjoyed it so much, Lei.

  3. I hope the weather gets better soon! It looks like you all had such a fun time, lovely photos :) xx

  4. Thank you Nev! The weather is good now.

  5. Lovely photos! You girls look so happy and beautiful :)
    Have a nice day :*

  6. Looks like you really had fun! Great beach and lovely place! ;)